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Get the Added Security of e-Prescribing from your EMR

PrescribeIT™ Now Available in Ontario

PrescribeIT™, a national, not-for-profit e-prescribing service for community prescribers in Canada, is now available in Ontario. PrescribeIT™, which is funded by Health Canada, allows prescribers to send, renew and cancel prescriptions using their existing electronic medical record (EMR), while improving clinical communications with pharmacies.

PrescribeIT™ Benefits

  • Provides safer, more effective medication management
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing electronic medical records
  • Features improvements designed with input from community prescribers, pharmacists and provincial/territorial governments
  • Integrates with drug formularies and registries
  • Improves patient safety and decreases medication errors by reducing the need for pharmacies to transcribe prescriptions
  • Reduces prescription fraud and misuse
  • Protects an influence free dispensing and prescribing environment
  • Safeguards prescription data from commercial use
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Send e-prescriptions using your existing EMR in Ontario.

Send e-prescriptions using your existing EMR in Ontario.

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