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Governance and Stakeholder Collaboration

PrescribeITTM is engaging with its stakeholders to foster meaningful contribution to positively shape the future development and implementation of the service.

To support this, Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) adopted an innovative governance structure that ensures its stakeholders are involved in shaping the service’s growth and evolution.

Engagement will take many forms – from ongoing collaboration through working groups and task forces, to broad public consultation. This mechanism for input will enable PrescribeITTM to deliver the highest quality product and service for all Canadians.

PrescribeIT’s national service governance structure includes:

PrescribeITTM Strategy and Industry Alliances Committee of the Infoway Board of Directors

PrescribeITTM is accountable to Infoway’s Board of Directors and to its Corporation Members (the deputy ministers of health for the federal, provincial and territorial governments). The Board includes two federal appointees, five provincial/territorial appointees, and four-six independent directors.

A PrescribeITTM Strategy and Industry Alliances Committee of the Infoway Board (the Committee) was established to assist the Board in its oversight of the strategic development and evolution of PrescribeITTM. Members of this Committee have been appointed by the Infoway Board of Directors.

PrescribeITTM Working Groups

To support the deliberations of the Committee by providing a broadened stakeholder perspective, five national Working Groups have been convened in key strategic areas. The Working Groups have a mandate to identify opportunities and challenges and to advance recommendations to the PrescribeITTM Secretariat regarding how they can best be addressed.

Membership was fulfilled through a stakeholder nomination process, and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the working groups.

The five working groups are: Continuous Improvement, Growth and Development, Implementation, Opioid, and Technology and Interoperability.

PrescribeITTM Consultations

Consultation exercises will be held to broaden stakeholder input to guide decision-making on the growth and development of the service. PrescribeITTM will hold these consultations using a variety of tools including face-to-face meetings, conference calls, roundtable events and online input tools such as surveys.

Past Consultations:

PrescribeITTM Task Forces

Task forces for a single mandate issue or subject matter expertise are activated as needed by PrescribeITTM or Working Groups.

Visit the Infoway website for more information on Infoway’s governance and accountability structure.