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Patient Choice

Patient choice is a key component of PrescribeIT®. Prescriptions are automatically delivered to the patient’s preferred pharmacy.

If the patient is unsure where they will have their prescription filled, a prescription will be created in PrescribeIT®, but not transmitted to a specific pharmacy. Instead, a copy of the prescription will be held in PrescribeIT® and a paper prescription, that also features a bar code, will be signed or e-signed and provided to the patient. This is the authoritative copy of the prescription. The non-authoritative copy of the prescription that was created in PrescribeIT® can be accessed by a PrescribeIT® enabled pharmacy by scanning or entering the bar code, allowing the pharmacy to retrieve the prescription information and avoid potential errors.

PrescribeIT® also supports back-up capabilities to deliver prescriptions by fax if a prescription cannot be delivered digitally. Prescription delivery is guaranteed.

More e-Prescribing Features Important to Patients

  • Neither the prescription nor the service cost anything extra
  • Allows prescription to be filled ahead of time, ready for pick-up
  • Safeguards prescription data from commercial use
  • Secure messaging between prescribers and pharmacists improves the patient experience and increases patient safety

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