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PrescribeIT User Journey

Why do prescribers and pharmacists sign up for PrescribeIT®, and how do their practices benefit from e-prescribing?

Follow physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists as they begin using PrescribeIT® and learn how their practices change as they continue their journey. Visit this page again to see new videos as we continue to follow our users and add new clinicians.

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Parag Shah’s Journey

Pharmacist Parag Shah wanted to make his pharmacy workflow more efficient so he could save time and focus more on patient care. Learn about his user journey and how PrescribeIT® enables him to more effectively communicate with prescribers and reduce the risk of prescription forgeries.

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Christine Fitchett’s Journey

Nurse Practitioner Christine Fitchett’s patients were frustrated because they didn’t get their prescriptions filled as a result of dropped faxes. Watch the videos to learn why Christine turned to PrescribeIT® to enhance workflow efficiencies in her clinic, putting an end to communicating via fax, which could take a half a day or more.

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Part 2

Dr. Jeffrey Steed’s Journey

Dr. Jeffrey Steed wanted a more efficient way of getting prescriptions to pharmacies — both for himself and his patients. Learn about his user journey and how PrescribeIT® provides him with a better way to manage more complex prescriptions, like opioids.

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Part 2

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Visit the PrescribeIT® Learning Centre and sign up for our online courses to build your knowledge about e-prescribing.

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