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Consultation on the Opportunity for PrescribeIT to Support Evidence-Based Prescribing of Opioids at the Point of Care

Current Status: Closed

The PrescribeIT® Opioid Working Group, comprised of patient and family advisors, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, regulators, policy leaders and subject matter experts from across the country came together in 2018 with the mandate to build recommendations on how PrescribeIT® can aid in addressing the opioid crisis

One of the Opportunities for Action that was identified for potential future development is the ability of PrescribeIT® to provide evidence-based information to physicians (or other authorized prescribers) as they write opioid prescriptions from within their clinical systems (i.e. electronic medical records).

This information could assist prescribers to write prescriptions that allow patients to benefit from the pain relief provided by opioids, while minimizing the potential for opioid-related harms.

To advance this work the Opioid Working Group reviewed clinical guidelines and recommendations to support opioid prescribing practices. From that, the Working Group identified several areas where PrescribeIT® could present information at the point-of-prescribing to support evidence-based prescribing of opioids. 

What is the Consultation About?

Based on this work, the Opioid Working Group narrowed the opportunities to a list of high priority opioid information and guidelines that could be presented to prescribers at the time of prescribing, directly from within the electronic medical record.

Through this consultation exercise, we are seeking stakeholder views to better understand:

  • The greatest opportunities for affecting change in opioid prescribing; and
  • The potential usefulness of this information for prescribers

Who is the Focus for this Consultation?

Everyone is welcome to participate. However, we are particularly interested in hearing from Canadians with opioid-lived experience, as well as physicians and other prescribers of opioids.