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About Us

The Benefits of e-Prescribing

Canada Health Infoway is working with Health Canada, the provinces and territories, and industry stakeholders to operate and maintain PrescribeIT®, a national e-prescribing service. PrescribeIT® will be available across the country enabling prescribers to electronically transmit a prescription to a patient’s pharmacy of choice.

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What will PrescribeIT® do?

The service will provide safer and more effective medication management by connecting community-based prescribers (such as physicians and nurse practitioners) either through their existing electronic medical records (EMR) or standalone applications, to community retail pharmacies to enable the electronic transmission of prescriptions.

PrescribeIT® will serve all patients, pharmacies and prescribers and will:

  • Ensure patient choice of pharmacy
  • Safeguard patient health data from commercial use
  • Maintain an influence-free prescribing and dispensing environment
  • Continue to be accountable to Canadians through their federal, provincial and territorial governments


PrescribeIT® enables prescribers and pharmacists to create, receive, renew and cancel prescriptions. The service also provides secure clinician messaging and it integrates with public drug formularies, prescription stats notifications, standardized terminology through the National Clinical Drug Data Set and enhanced user identity proofing with multi-factor authentication.

Please download the PrescribeIT® backgrounder for more information.

Patient Choice

Patient choice is an important component of PrescribeIT®, which is why patients are able to have their prescription delivered electronically to their pharmacy of choice. If their preferred location is not connected to PrescribeIT®, then the patient may opt for a traditional printed prescription. Prescriptions that are printed are coded with a bar code and Rx ID that may be used by PrescribeIT®-connected pharmacies to download prescriptions, thereby avoiding the manual input of information. This option may be used by patients who are unsure of which pharmacy to use, or if they are unsure if their pharmacy is PrescribeIT®-enabled.

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